Graduate Outcomes

Below is a snapshot of what our students are up to after graduating.

 The following graduates are now in full time Christian Ministry or involved in significant community projects. 

Sharon Ratnaraja - Associate Pastor Elim Christian Cente (South Campus)
Sharon, with her husband Boyd, are Senior Pastors at Elim South in Wattle Downs, Auckland. Among her many responsibilities Sharon oversees the Women’s and Worship ministries in this rapidly growing church.
Certificate (2010)
Richard Adolf - Pastor Elim Christian Centre (East Campus)
Richard was appointed Worship Pastor at the church in 2010 working in the Worship department before becoming worship leader.  Currently Richard is doing a 9 month Worship course in Colarado Springs, USA.
Diploma (2009)
Certificate (2008)
Neena Maxwell - Pastor Elim Christian Centre (East Campus)
Neena is now a pastor working with the Edge Spere ministries.  These ministries work with young adults 18 to 35 years old.
Diploma (2008)
Certificate (2007)
Adam Lee -  Senior Pastor, Grace and Truth Church
Senior Pastor of this Korean church in the North Shore Auckland.
  Certificate 2006
Richard Devine - Pastor, Elim Christian Centre (East Campus)
Richard completed the Diploma programme in The first year that the course was run at the College.  He worked at the College in 2007 as Dean of students until 2009 when he left to take up a position as Pastor in the Adults Ministry.  Today he is the Mens' Dean at MTC.
Certificate (2008)
Diploma (2009)
  Patricia Burns - Pastor, Elim Christian Centre (East Campus)
Tricia has been a Pastor in the Adults Ministry at this church since 2003.  
  Certificate (2003)
  Abigail Khoo - Pastor, Elim Christian Centre (East Campus)
Abigail is currently a Pastor in the Adults Ministry at this church.
  Certificate (2001)
  Andrew Bergh - Senior Pastor, Gateway Church 
Together with his wife Emma, Andrew pastors this church with a congregagtion of about 100 people and also teaches Pastoral Care at the College.
  Certificate (2001)
  Maria Batchelar - Senior Pastor, Elim Christian Centre Nelson
Maria together with her husband Richard are pastoring this church in Nelson.
  Certificate (2004)
  Lim Sung Yun - Senior Pastor, Elim Church Korea 
Sung Yun together with his wife Kyung Mi pioneered the first Elim church in Korea.   The church currently has a congregation of  60 people.
  Certificate (2005)
  Natasha Murdoch - Pastor, Elim Christian Centre (East Campus)
Natasha with her husband Caleb heads the Youth and Children's Department in the church.    
  Certificate (2011)
  Adrian Daniel - Pastor, Elim Christian Centre (North Campus)
Adrian heads the Youth Department at the church and along with his wife Abi minister to about 30 young people who attend this growing church. Adrian is also involved in youth work at the Whangarei Boys High School.  
  Certificate (2010)
  Abi Daniel - Pastor, Elim Christian Centre (North Campus)
Abi heads the Children's Department in this church ministering to 60 children.   
  Certificate (2009) Diploma (2010)
  Hayley Barrett - Youth Administrator, Elim Christian Centre (South Campus)
Hayley works alongside the Youth Pastor from the East Campus to minister to the young people attending this church in Manurewa.  Hayley is also a gifted speaker ministering to young people in various churches in Auckland and New Zealand.    
  Certificate (2009) Diploma (2011) 
  Ieremia Noa - Senior Pastor, Hands of Hope Christian Centre 
Ieremia completed the Certificate programme in 2011.  In 2012, while studying for the Diploma programme, he was appointed Senior Pastor of this church with a congregagtion of 65 people.    
   Certificate (2011)
Charles Appiah - Senior Pastor, Bethel Living Christian Centre 
Charles completed the Certificate programme in 2011 and pastors this congregation of 25 people.  He is currently doing the Diploma programme.
  Certificate (2011)
Phoebe Wei - Youth Pastor, Evangelical Formosan Church 
Phoebe is now heading the youth ministry in this church which is located in Central Auckland and  ministers to about 30 young people.  She as appointd into this role in 2011.   
  Certificate (2007)